Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fool and fool again

After the updates, I was feeling pretty hopeful going into my games, until I saw stonethorn drop a Vault of Whispers. Affinity. Oy. A giant red flag went up in my head: I don't have any defense. A pure aggro deck is going to destroy me.

But sometimes, you get lucky: game 1 he seemed to be light on threats and my plan of Gohei, Drogskol Captain, swing with pumped creatures seemed to work fine. Game 2 was the opposite: I kept an opening hand with a Plains and a Gemstone Mine, because a) most of my cards are very cheap and b) I'm bound to draw enough land to keep going. But no: I didn't draw a second land and within three turns I was facing down an Etched Champion with a Cranial Plating on the table. Time didn't permit a third game so I'm just not certain how things might've turned out.

Unfortunately, I had a chance to see how my deck worked against another aggressive deck, when I played against a W/B kitties deck.

Sometimes, my girlfriend plays.

Anyway, in game one I was doing OK with a couple creatures and a Drogskol Captain until a dying Black Cat randomly stole a Gohei from my hand. Then my Captain was enchanted with a Recumbent Bliss and the small amount of lifegain was just enough to keep me from outracing the flying kitties.

Game two took a bit longer: I actually had a great start, Gohei, Captain buffing my creatures and I managed to get the kitties' player down to one life. One.

Then a Sword of Light and Shadow appeared and I had no answer, nor could I draw a Hearth Kami. Soon a second Sword arrived and I was losing 5 a turn while she gained six life and reclaimed two blockers.

I find myself with a difficult question: do I have enough data to really start making changes? I don't think so and I really like this concept so I'm sticking with it a little longer. Nonetheless, I'm still having difficulty with my endgame and I'll have to keep that in mind going forward. Adding the captains seemed like a perfect way to give me some push and while it has made Born Again Idiot more problematic it hasn't quite been amazing, yet.

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