Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chop Shop

So if I don't want to play B/W, G/B, or G/R, what does this leave me with?

2 Desertion
2 Inspiration
2 Commandeer
4 Rescind
4 Impulse
4 Counterspell
2 Boomerang

1 Acquire
2 Mimeofacture

3 Vedalken Shackles

2 Keiga, the Tide Star
1 Sphinx Ambassador

4 Extract

1 Bribery
1 Treachery
2 Confiscate

23 Island
I think the theme of this will be pretty obvious to anyone who's played long enough, or to those who recognize who Chop Shop is. However, for everyone else; I want to make your stuff, my stuff.

I don't think I have much against combo decks beyond countermagic but against anything else I should have an interesting tension between taking my opponent's stuff and not dying to said stuff. The key card is likely Impulse, which is probably the most efficient card in the deck and one that will get me out of a whole lot of messes. Should be fun though and a nice way to get away from all the grinding of the past couple months.

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