Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thieves Like Us

I know that I said that I wasn't sure about Commandeer because it kept showing up against decks running creatures and for the most part, that card doesn't help me there. But against Fuz last night, playing a UW Runeflare deck, it was very useful.
Why? Because on my turn 1 Extract, I looked at his deck and realized that he wanted to fill my hand with cards, then use Sudden Impact or Runeflare Trap so I would take a ton of damage based on the number of cards in hand. Stealing his artifacts wouldn't help me, because the effects of those are global (card draw) and there were only four creatures in the deck: Shah of Naar Isle.

I set about removing the Runeflare Traps because they could do the most amount of damage to me for the least amount of mana. I tried to bounce or steal Mizzium Transreliquants wherever I could, again because recasting and using its ability cost Fuz more mana than simply bouncing the Font of Mythos. But most importantly, by game 3 I had realized that I should save my Commandeers for the Sudden Impact or Runeflare Trap. If I take control of that spell; I win. If I can't, then I am able to compel Fuz to use up his countermagic, which means landing a Veldaken Shackles or Keiga becomes much easier and I can ride those cards to victory.

Keeping 2 Commandeers in seems worth it for these odd situations.

Also, I noted the new Rules Changes today, including the one that says that you won't get a game loss for not doing a one-for-one swap between your main deck and your sideboard.

I was just ahead of the curve.

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