Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Since Flickr is borked and I cannot get URL's for pics I've taken now....fuck them. (Update, I got something worked out. Whew!)

Anyway! The good news is, I got in quite a few games with Viceroy. And the better news is: the Spitebellows and Cinder Elemental were both useful in the games I got them out in. They did their jobs well.

However, what I've been noticing is that I need more red than it appears. The stats say that I have a 55/45% split, green/red generation and that the deck has a 61/39% split between green and red mana costs.

Yet every time I got stuck, it was almost always because I couldn't get a red source of mana. In one game, I started off solid with a couple Forests and a Skaarg, the Rage Pits but saw no sources of red, along with a hand that started to include Zhur-Taa, Ghor-Clans, and Ruric. And boy howdy, did I lose. The problem is, I don't want to ditch any sources of green: it's just as critical and I don't want to cut any creatures; this deck needs to be as packed with goodies as I can get it.

One thought is to cut the Zhur-Taa Druids for Quirion Elves. This could go a long way to helping my mana problems. However what it eats away at now is my ability to do damage! Time and time again the Druids would come online and eat away at life totals that would help put the game in a winnable position.

Another is to trade some Forests for some dual lands: Rootbound Craig being the most obvious and probably cheapest solution. Again: how many is too many? Too many and those lands will enter the battlefield tapped too often and the 4 Temples are about as slow as Viceroy can afford to get.

Lands are going to be my first option, if I have them. Let's get after it.

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