Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Repeated Lessons

I pulled a few games against Fuz over the weekend and unconsciously, he played two different decks that had the exact same theme: White Weenie with Wrath of God and Zombies with Damnation. Essentially: get out small dudes, buff them and when in doubt, wipe the board.

I can't beat this style of deck. I don't have the removal nor do I have the tools to recover from Damnation. The tools I do have: creatures with protection from blue, the ability to recur damage resources, destruction of artifacts, punishment for playing non-creature spells, they attack very different decks and so here's my weak spot.

Fuz and I talked a little bit and we agreed: as powerful as Spitebellows is, Flametongue Kavu is a necessary upgrade. Spitebellows can kill so much but it goes away: it's a Combust I can cast under Ruric Thar. Flametongue sticks around and forces opponents to use removal on it.

So I cannibalized a couple decks and pulled three Flametongues out to replace the Spitebellows.

Of course, my next matchup was against Noah playing a Scapeshift deck, and he dropped Primeval Titan on me.

Fuck it, I can't win here. Maybe the Cinder Elementals come out for Spitebellows now? I don't know.

However, Viceroy is a pretty neat deck that is just a hint shy of what it needs. It's definitely one I need to keep in my pocket because it's almost there and if they print the right card, can make it.

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