Thursday, April 17, 2014

Journey Into Nyx (trailer)

Man...look at this.

So, my first issue is that it takes way too long know who is speaking. The god of death, Erebos is strongly hinted at but confusion is no place for a hype trailer. I've watched it 4 times now so yeah, it's most certainly erebos but this breaks with the previous two trailers, which highlighted NEW gods (Helios and Xenagos, respectively).

Second, why is this talking about a "Hero's journey beginning"? This is the last block in the set and if Erebos is the narrator of this scheme, shouldn't it be about the ending? Look at this as an issue that compounds the first problem.

Next, why is the line "A champion risks everything for the greater good" accompanied by images of people bonding? There's no reason for this schism.

Nor for the next scene at :58, where we are supposed to take comfort at what looks like a child in terror. What?

Finally, this trailer is disconnected from the other two, which were about the plane of Theros and its problems, to be solved by a champion, but this trailer is all about the champion alone. We have no idea what's become or to come of the plane, the war, the conflict!


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