Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Who hears it knows it

There are remarkably limited choices for a Vulturous Zombie replacement. This makes me sad.

There is Hellkite Overlord but that's really expensive, and Broodmate Dragon which isn't bad but I only have one of. However, looking at the Alara block did reveal one really interesting goody: Charnelhoard Wurm. What I like about the Wurm is that it offers me some resilience, a way to re-establish my board after the opponent has done bad things and I've used Pernicious Deed. Nobody wants a recurable Deed, except me.

It's expensive, though and probably won't last in this deck. I mean, it worked, no question. The Wurm was cast with two Thunderscape Familiars on board and there just wasn't any permanent removal for him by then. Bouncing a 6/6 trampler while fending off a 4/5 is not a solid combination.

In my next matchup, I was going against a UG deck that wanted to alpha strike with a creature with a massive amount of +1 counters on it. Alpha strikes with only one creature are bad against Terminate.

Back to the Primitive is uniquely well positioned against blue decks, it seems. Not just because of the Sword, although that certainly helps, but because of the exceptionally cheap removal spells: even Hull Breach has served me well.

Nevertheless, I don't want to keep weak links in the deck. This will take more testing but I think I have time for it. 

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