Thursday, August 6, 2015

Note To Self

"I just don't feel like I'm getting better," I told Fuz.  "I keep playing decks that are losing, you know?"

"You have two hundred decks, man," he replied, "your power level is really diffused, in comparison."

And this is true. Plus, I like to build decks pushing a single concept or around cards that aren't really meant to tentpole a deck. It makes for interesting questions (How can I use Ashling's Prerogative) but it often makes for weak decks.

However, as I was filing away the cards I got from Origins, I kept looking at all these solid, powerful cards I had in the binder and I realized that I wanted to be a bit more active in my use of these cards, incorporating them into my decks. I have some great cards! I should be more proactive in my use of them. Not having cards gather dust in the binder is precisely why I'm playing with cards like Spectral Bears.

Nonetheless, there's no point in spending money on awesome cards and then just letting them do nothing. It's time to bring those big guns into the light.

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