Tuesday, August 25, 2015

So Maybe Chromanticore Comes Back?

After multiple matchups, some against Sascha and some against Noah, I feel like Die Die My Darling is coming to a good place to end this re-reboot.

Night of Souls' Betrayal has done precisely what I wanted it to do; slow or outright stop the weenie hordes of red, green and white.

Persecute has done exactly what I expected it to do: suck against control because a 4 mana discard spell won't actually ever resolve in a meaningful way against a deck that has Brainstorm. (This is the short version of what happened in my games against Noah's blue deck:
Me: Persecute naming blue.
Him: Brainstorm in response.
Everything resolves.
I look at a hand that has 3 Islands and a Ponder.
Him: Really glad I had that Brainstorm because my next three cards were Islands!
Me: seeeeeeeeethe).

I love Persecute and it's absolutely backbreaking if it resolves against a nonblue monocolor deck. I'm keeping it for now but should I take this to a tournament of any sort, it needs to be a much cheaper card, Hymn being the obvious choice but even Addle or Gerrard's Verdict could work.

Oooor. Pulling Teeth. Whoa. It works with the Top and could even act like a Temple of Silence. I think I may have to try that.

I'm getting off track. What I've really concluded is that Debtors' Knell is the Glory of Cool Things and not And Now I Win. It's just a card I don't see myself trying to find or hoping for in this deck. I've been trying to come up with a proper replacement for it and the best I can think of right now is Decree of Silence. Unfortunately, that card feels like a "win more" card as well.

I've been looking at cards with the "Constellation" keyword and Doomwake Giant is the only thing that really stands out. Everything else, aside from Underworld Coinsmith, perhaps, is really for  limited (which means that it just sucks).

But maybe that's the card to use. With Night of Souls' Betrayal, Doomwake Giant could be especially crippling.

Still. I kinda want Chromanticore....

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