Tuesday, February 7, 2017

More Is More

I started off taking Matt's advice and looking for instants and sorceries that would benefit from casting under Fist of Suns.

There are some pretty flashy spells to cast there. Army of the Damned, Disaster Radius, Beacon of Immortality, Beacon of Tomorrows, just to start. 

Then there are the duds. Explosive Impact, Feral Incarnation, Govern the Guildless-the list is quite extensive.

There are the in-between cards, which are almost worse. Flying Crane Technique is just unnecessary,

It isn't a simple fix because so many big effects like that are symmetrical, which means I have to try and break that symmetry, which is not a good direction for a deck like this. Or the effects are unnecessary, such as "take an extra turn". I don't need extra turns from a spell, I have Emrakul.

Equally difficult are the spells that could be big if I spent the mana: anything with X as a cost or Kicker-type mechanics. Fist of Suns only takes care of the base cost of the spell.

Things get narrower though, given what the deck needs: card draw or destruction effects. That's where cards like Blasphemous Act or In Garruk's Wake come into play, although I will admit a soft spot for a card like Dichotomancy.

Obvious removal like All is Dust or Scour from Existence is there but I suppose the challenge is that I really don't know where Overkill needs shoring up.

More games.

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