Thursday, February 16, 2017

When In Doubt, Cube

stonethorn sits across from me in this picture, with Kaebel on the left and we are using stonethorn's cube to do crazy things.

Kaebel told me after the fact that he almost took all three Liliana planeswalkers and I told him he should have. You might as well go all in...

As it stood, multiplayer drafted cube is pretty rad. I went for an Ancestral Recall as my first pick but then dove right into red when I noticed around the second pass that it was being overlooked.

At first I thought I'd be making a U/R deck, as I also got an early Young Pyromancer but it quickly became obvious that green was the other color being overlooked-Kaebel going heavy WB-artifacts and stonethorn doing more White/Blue/Black. I got a few blue cards but nothing spectacular.

So green it was! Still, R/G/u is not a bad way to go, especially if you can pull any mana fixing, which I was able to cobble together via a couple lands and a Rampant Growth.

We pulled off two games, both humdingers. Nobody was able to take a commanding lead, everyone had a shot and the games didn't feel decided until the finish line.

I made two errors early in game one, when I used a Control Magic on stonethorn's Liliana, that didn't leave me with an Island to cast the Ancestral Recall in my hand before casting an Eidolon of the Great Revel. The Control Magic was a mistake because once Liliana, Heretical Healer becomes a Planeswalker, I lose control of her.

The failure to retain a blue mana keeping me from casting the Ancestral Recall was dumb. I made that mistake because I was so focused on using a Black Lotus to cast the Control Magic on the correct target.

Kinda blew it on both counts, right? I lost that game, but was able to make up for it in game two, where I was able to take advantage of an early Young Pyromancer and the pressure that Kaebel put on the board via Sulfuric Vortex. Since my spells allowed me to create creatures to do damage, I was able to hold back on casting my creatures.

One board wipe later (although I forget by whom), I had the ability to come back in hand, while my opponents had to dig for their new answers.

But, good news! I have a computer that will let me play online again, so I should be able to wrap up my focus on Overkill soon.

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