Thursday, March 1, 2018

Every Frame A Message

This video from Rhystic Studies on the evolution of Magic's card frames is comprehensive and very cool. Check it out; he goes deep into every possible change they make in Magic cards.

I can't say I agree with the conclusions about Amonkhet's invocations, though. Especially given the kinds of cards that get reprinted; valuable ones that players want more copies of, not just cool things that nobody will touch.

Containment Priest, Wrath of God, Cryptic Command, Force of Will-look at this list! (If you can. GOD this is hard to read). That is chock full of interesting or highly desired cards. People don't want them for display purposes or just to show off. Certainly some percentage of them wants this but I doubt it is a significant portion.

Which means that the function has to trump form in the end. I don't care what time has done to soften the impression of the Amonkhet masterpieces by the masses, they were and are functionally a disaster, and that means that they are a failure in a key manner. That they can be appreciated aesthetically wasn't the problem-hell there were things I even liked about some of the look.

The problem was that nobody was able to play with their toys-and that's what toys are for.

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