Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Eyes Turn From Blue To Gray

I got to put Everything Ends through a few games against Matt and Caitlin.

The downside; there are a lot of moving pieces that need to come together for this deck to work.

The upside: when those parts click, this deck can get mean. Oriss can stall out whomever seems to be the biggest threat, Linessa can make the other player slow down and the Archfiend hits everyone. Even if I'm busy locking one person down, I can have an impact on the entire board with Archfiend of Ifnir.

These were multiplayer games though so I had a little time-and, looking back at the games, a little luck getting some of the cards I needed.

I may have also been too interested in cycling my cards rather than using them for what was needed. By this I mean: Sometimes I need to cycle but sometimes I need to offer the speed bump. That might be part of the learning curve of this deck. Occasionally it's going to be better to make my opponents kill off my creatures rather than cycle them and learning when that's the case is something I'll need to look for.

Their recommendation was that I get rid of Felidar Cub and try to find something else. With the sheer number of cycling cards available there must be something that can remove problems for me.

There is: Cast Out. So I'm going to start with that as a replacement. I doubt I'll be cycling it often but when the game has hit that late state and I need a card, that second ability is pretty useful.

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