Thursday, April 16, 2015

Allen Wrenches for Nails

I wish Exile did what I wanted it to do. I wish it destroyed a creature and didn't have limitations like 'nonwhite' or 'attacking' on it.

But it does. And stonethorn was going to remind me why it's terrible. By 'remind' I mean; punch me in the face with the abilities of Trostani, Selesnya's Voice until I lost.

This is almost enough to get me to quit on the card.

Frontline Medic on the other hand, was practically a void in this deck. I found myself attacking with enough creatures to make mine indestructible but it didn't matter. I am not generating large enough creatures for this to make a difference and without Bedlam, the Medic's ability was cute but not helpful.

So I replaced it with Kor Sanctifiers because I've lost multiple games due to not having removal for enchantments or artifacts. There's no sense in ignoring that problem, especially when I can attach a solution for it to a body that can attack.

It was Noah who finally convinced me that Exile wasn't worth running. Against his burn and white weenie decks, the card just had no meaning in either matchup.

"If you were running a sideboard," he told me, "cards like Anger of the Gods or any kind of lifegain would ruin me."

Such are the hazards of casual deckbuilding.

"The premise of the deck," I told him, "is to swing and stall and then drop Bedlam and win because they can't block."

"If that's the case, why not run Falter?" Which lead us down the Gatherer wormhole, looking for cards that were appropriate to what I might need.

Order/Chaos. This is the card that should replace Bedlam, or perhaps run in compliment. Exile, Disintegrate and Fireball should all come out: that's six cards to remove. Order/Chaos doubles as win condition and removal. That gives me anywhere from 2-4 cards to add in to help shore up Revenge's weaknesses and get a hammer for these nails.

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