Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Matchup I Win

Edit: I meant to post this on Thursday and somehow that didn't happen. Sorry!

Grindy games I can win.

Once again, I am playing Matt's Sands of Time/Equipoise deck and once again, I am very. slowly. winning it. Matt's added in some Swords to Plowshares to help give his deck more defense and I think that's a good idea but I'm still able to grind him out. Even through the Feldon's Cane Matt has in the picture, Tinkertoy is relentlessly milling (and then remilling) out his library.

I've been playing this Equipoise deck for a month now and I'm just not impressed by it. It's not that the lock can't work: it totally can. But because it's so slow and because Matt really wants to keep the deck 'old school' I don't think it has a lot of game against modern decks. I think he has issues against decks I play because I continue to run cards that take care of troublesome enchantments or artifacts, due to building decks to play Jason for so many years.

Matt had a suggestion for Tinkertoy which lead to me doing a search for something that may also fit in this deck.

Matt said Academy Ruins might be a good fit and since he saw me recur artifacts time and time again with, he probably has a point. He also suggested the Baubles, because they can be played for free and draw me a card.

The challenge is that they draw me a card on the next upkeep, so they don't help keep the cards coming when I'm trying to combo out, which I want to do in one turn.

Which had me thinking; are there cards that cost one mana, perhaps, that will allow me to draw cards for free?

Turns out, there is.

So I'm going to go big; cut down to 21 lands, adding two Conjurer's Baubles to see if that will help keep the deck moving. If the Conjurer's Baubles seem good, it may be worth going to 4, especially if I can get situations where they read: draw two cards for free.

That's a pretty good deal if you can get it.

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