Friday, April 24, 2015

Revenge Tweaks

I took Noah's advice and cut two Bedlam in order to add in four Order/Chaos. I also removed the Exiles and one Double Cut to add in three Firemane Avenger and two Boros Charms.

The Firemane Avenger is in because the Frontline Medics were useful and the Avenger might be able to serve as additional removal or gain me an extra turn of life. We'll see if it works; the Avenger demands removal but so do the Sliths if they are allowed to grow. I also tweaked the mana base just a little to help me see two Mountains by turn two so I can more reliably cast Slith on turn 2.

The Boros Charm didn't quite do anything last time but the redundancy of Frontline Medic made it pointless. However, now I can get double strike, damage or invulnerablility so it has more utility. Of course, it's possible that I just need to get rid of the Firemane Avenger for less conditional removal but this is where I'm going to take the deck next.

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