Thursday, April 30, 2015

Die Alone

I was originally going to call this deck Dine Alone after the Quicksand song but Die Alone from A Pale Horse Named Death is a lot more thematically black.
4 Chimeric Idol

4 Homicidal Seclusion
4 Deadly Wanderings
4 Seal of Doom

4 Doomwake Giant
3 Herald of Torment
1 Erebos, God of the Dead

4 Dark Ritual

4 Read the Bones
4 Killing Wave

24 Swamp
This is the first iteration of the deck. The goal; use Homicidal Seclusion and Deadly Wanderings to enhance a single creature and win. Use removal to survive until that creature can do so. Doomwake Giant has some synergy with the enchantment-heavy nature of the deck, with Seal of Doom adding to that. Herald of Torment can give the Giant a boost, also is an enchantment plus provides evasion. The solitary copy of Erebos is...OK, it's there because I own one but I'm also wondering if Erebos is a better card than the Giant. Erebos nullifies most forms of removal, the Giant is much easier to kill in combat.

Chimeric Idol is my old school touch. I mean, c'mon, I gotta do that. Killing Wave to give me mass removal: with the lifelink from the enchantments, paying 5 or even more life shouldn't be a problem for me but hopefully will be more difficult for the opponents.

I've built it in Cockatrice and then I sent it to Fuz to see if he had any insights. As a nice coincidence, Matt Higgs at SCG was writing about his build of a Homicidal Seclusion deck, so I'm going to take some advice and change it up a little before testing.

I forget, sometimes, how much fun it is to build a new deck. Something I haven't done in awhile and don't feel motivated to do often because I have so many other decks to refurbish. The nice thing about this blog though is that I now have motivation to go through every deck and rebuild them. I can afford the occasional luxury of a new deck, because I'll be working on the old ones, too. Eventually.

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