Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Utility Needed

Revenge of the Slith has been having a lot of trouble right out of the gate. The glaring weakness of Falkenrath Marauders was apparent quickly: the casting cost was just too high, the utility not high enough. There were other cards that underperformed and I spend my matches getting locked out. The games I won? They were more about my opponent losing and my capitalizing on that.

With Fuz, he engaged his Elephant Grass/Darkest Hour lock quickly and I didn't have any out for this. Disintegrate and Fireball are meant to be outs to problems like this, along with their function as removal. Those cards never appeared-they were so absent I actually double-checked my deck to make sure I was running them!-but it wouldn't have mattered if I had been able to handle either of those enchantments. Alas, I just didn't have the speed to overwhelm nor the tools to get me out of that lock.

When I was playing stonethorn, he was working a U/R tokens deck (which is a concept I haven't seen in action before but I have read some things on) with Dragon Tempest and Descent of the Dragons to make a bunch of flying murderers. 

That was the secondary plan though; tokens and Goblin Rabblemaster were often enough to make my life miserable. 

Again; a timely Disenchant would solve my problems against those decks.

And this is when I realized; these decks are Jason decks, using weird cards and off the trail interactions in order to broadside the opponent with a victory they are unprepared for. This is why I tweaked so many decks with more expensive utility like Cloudchaser Eagle or just pure utility cards like Naturalize in order to stay in the game.

However, Fuz suggested that use of the Battalion mechanic might be in my interest. I get where he's coming from; attacking with multiple dudes IS my thing for Revenge. 

Plus, there was one huge underplayer in the deck: Curse of Stalked Prey. That card is absolutely Win More in this deck and needs to be something else. So; I'm giving Frontline Medic and Exile a run to see if they help. Exile feels like a neat option in a deck that is essentially daring opponents to attack and it appeals to me because it's old school. 

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