Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Slight Confusion

I only got one game in this weekend because I was struck with the flu. Flu during the summer pretty much sucks on every level you could ask for: 90% humidity AND my body aches? What's the honeymoon?

So yeah.

But I did get a game in against Fuz, who was playing a Blue deck using cards like Psychosis Crawler to win, while employing Arcane Laboratory, Evacuation and even Sunder to do damage under Ebony Owl Netsuke. And there's really only one problem with that:

That plan is terrible when dealing with an aggro deck and/or Umezawa's Jitte. Fuz was stuck playing Evacuation when all I had on the board was a Darkheart Sliver equipped with a Jitte. I won that race because even under an Arcane Laboratory, I could to more with less.

I didn't play again because I was sick and couldn't keep playing matches at 10 PM. I wanted to but my brain just wasn't there.

That said, a few days later I noticed that there was a minor difference between my Cockatrice listing of Menasor (which is what I listed) and my real world deck: I don't have two Vampiric Slivers, I have one and one Spectral Sliver.

(A short aside; I keep every deck I build in real life on Cockatrice. When I make changes to one, I mirror those changes to the other, so I can maintain a database of what I have and when I test, those results are something I can learn from. If you ever play me online, I am playing decks with cards I actually own {or will very soon} because I don't believe in proxies. I believe that if I can't make the deck with cards I either own or can reasonably acquire, I need to innovate and use something that I can own or acquire in order to make things work. I don't judge anyone else: that's my little quirk but limitations do help foster creativity.)

I don't know why I have this discrepancy; in my mind two Vampiric Slivers are better in an aggressive deck like this. Paying to pump individual slivers doesn't make sense when you have Muscle, Blade, Sedge and Might Slivers running around. On the upside, I caught this before playing the deck in the world so my next few games can still mirror what I feel the deck should be.

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