Thursday, July 18, 2013

League Day 3

Here's what I've got going into Sunday. The new stuff is italicized.

Eaten by Spiders
Wandering Wolf
Geist Trappers
Strangleroot Geist
Somberwald Dryad
Hollowhenge Beast
Grizzled Outcasts
Spidery Grasp
Ambush Viper
Bountiful Harvest
Druid's Deliverance
Axebane Guardian
Savage Surge
Burst of Strength
Disciple of the Old Ways
Harvester of Souls
Essence Harvest
Harrowing Journey
Sightless Ghoul
Morkrut Banshee
Unburial Rites
Walking Corpse
Victim of Night
Liliana's Shade
Daggerdrome Imp
Syndicate Enforcer

Leap of Faith
Farbog Explorer
Cathedral Sanctifier
Ray of Revelation
Smite the Monstrous
Voiceless Spirit
Oblivion Ring
Guardian Lions
Palisade Giant
Murder Investigation
Basillica Guards
Boros Elite
Afflicted Deserter
Pyreheart Wolf
Russet Wolves
Somberwald Vigilante
Uncanny Speed
Searing Spear
Traitorous Instinct
Massive Raid
Favorable Winds
Beguiler of Wills
Nephalia Seakite
Artful Dodge
Runic Repetition
Rooftop Storm
Jace's Phantasm
Faerie Invaders
Merfolk of the Pearl Trident
Vedalken Entrancer
Spell Rupture
Bladed Bracers
Angelic Armaments
Heavy Mattock
Ghoulcaller's Bell
Ring of Xathrid

Izzet Staticaster
Spawn of Rix Maadi
Sluiceway Scorpion
Simic Charm
Purge the Profane
Ruination Wurm
Assemble the Legion

Shimmering Grotto
Evolving Wilds
Rootbound Crag
Rakdos Guildgate
Simic Guildgate

That's quite a zoo. Part of me wants to go G/R/W (get it!?) with a hint of B because there's removal, there's good creatures, the Red can handle occasional artifacts (which I saw few of) the White can go for troublesome enchantments (which I saw plenty of) and Black, essentially, for Unburial Rites. I get access to Ruination Wurm, which is the largest creature I have (without the effort Grizzled Outcasts requires) and Assemble the Legion, which everyone seems to insist is awesome but the lure of getting a 1/1 with haste on turn 6 feels like a trap.

But Simic Charm has many, many uses and Simic Guildgate helps improve my mana. I don't really improve my best colors unfortunately, but mana wins games and that is a bigger key than Assemble the Legion. I feel more as though I should continue to shore up the current leaks in my boat than try and build a new one, so I'm going to stick with my UGB/r deck for now, and look for places to bring in Simic Charm Syndicate Enforcer or Ruination Wurm.

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