Tuesday, July 23, 2013

League Day 3 results: Misassignment of Role

This is a game I was fortunate enough to go on to win:

That streak of fortune did not follow me through the match, however, nor during the day. I had my worst showing yet: 1-3.

My deck was virtually unchanged: addition of Simic Guildgate and Simic Charm, yet as an inverse from last time when I went 4-0, when I needed creatures I got land. When I needed land, I got creatures. When I needed removal, I got Fuck You.

What went wrong? I believe I did not properly evaluate how fast everyone else's deck would become. Every match I lost, I lost in no small part because I had built a deck that was overly reliant on bombs that show up on turn 5, instead of a deck that could steadily increase the pressure or withstand pressure until I could win.

On the upside, every match I lost, I lost 1-2, so clearly those bombs were good enough to make the matchups a struggle, they just weren't enough to carry me to victories.

Now to add the weakest link, the Dragon's Maze pack, and re-evaluate the entire deck:

Maze sentinel
Haazda snare squad
Hidden strings
Murmuring phantasm
Ubul sar gatekeepers
Fatal fumes
Pilfered plans
Sin collector
Species gorger
Warleaders helix
Armored wolf rider
Boros guildgate
Gruul cluestone
Azorius cluestone

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