Tuesday, July 9, 2013

League Day 2: Results

You know how I said:
This is a very attractive prospect because it means I can play stronger cards, it just feels insane because there is one experience that I know is coming:
I have red cards and no Mountains.
 Yeah, well that happened. Just not quite the way I predicted.

What you see is that there are no Forests on the table. What you don't see is the fistful of Green cards mocking me as I die to the onslaught of Mogg Flunkies and Knight of Glory.

However, this was a rarity for the day. I did well, even managing to beat the previously undefeated person, and my deck frequently gave me the outs I needed to win close games. Mana was an issue for everyone (still) and once again I heard or overheard the line: "I shouldn't've kept that opening hand."

I didn't say that; every hand I decided to keep I kept because I had faith in it.That paid off and I'm glad.

Then I opened my pack of Gatecrash:

Burst of Strength
Disciple of the Old Ways
Massive Raid
Syndicate Enforcer
Murder Investigation
Boros Elite
Basilica Guards
Spell Rupture
Assemble the Legion
Simic Charm
Purge the Profane
Ruination Wurm
Simic Guildgate
Armored Transport

Oh, boy.

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