Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The board looks like this vs. Fuz's Paint It Black deck for one reason: Krosan Grip.

Fuz's deck uses Darkest Hour, Elephant Grass and creatures that either have protection from Black or get a bonus if the opponent has Black permanents (like the pictured Spectral Force) in order to lock down the opponent's win conditions and punch through his own. It's a little janky but it has enough efficient creatures in it to win, even if his soft-lock pieces don't show up and protection from anything is always useful.

I won the series, 2-1: game one I claimed victory because Fuz drew no Swamps, game 2 I lost for the same reason, and in game 3 I was able to bide my time until I could destroy the Elephant Grass and then bring the house with slivers. It worked.

I may have to tweak the mana a little bit: Chromatic Sphere and Jund Panorama are working well but I felt squeezed a bit for black mana. Perhaps a Shadowblood Ridge over the Mossfire Valley would be appropriate.

Still, the changes did their job and I think I need to keep the Grip in Menasor because of the potential number of decks I might face. In a format that is more rigorously defined, having an our like Krosan Grip is a waste of space--vital space, at that. But against everything? A card like Krosan Grip can save your game.

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