Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I Blame Myself

In a four player game, it is probably unwise to use your mass removal too soon. But I did that because Caitlin was running the board over with tokens so it made sense. So I cast Fade Away. It worked, and I was able to take out multiple creatures not just of Caitlin's but of Noah and Matt's too.

Then I had to deal with a game that ran over an hour and looked like this:

What a zoo. I don't know that I should've waited but I'm definitely responsible for some of this.

With a Maze of Ith on Matt's board, I swung at Noah with a zombie he couldn't block (so I could draw a card off of Sygg) and a Polluted Dead that would certainly die to his Hydra Omnivore. My intention: to get this game kicked into gear. Either the Omnivore eats a form of removal or we start dying off.

Noah didn't see it that way: he used Aetherspouts to not take any damage. And the game went on.

Now, I don't like telegraphing my plans. I feel like that's unfair-ganging up on someone. Also, I like drawing cards.

But if I'm going to stop and think: What is my end goal (to attack with my creatures) and I need help accomplishing it, then I'd best go about it clearly. Being obvious and just attacking Noah with the Polluted Dead and someone else with the other creature might've helped make that clearer.

Either way: I gave Noah the stink-eye for his play and I shouldn't've. I made those choices without considering what he might be after and yeah, go figure he didn't want to take four damage and let me draw a card.

On the upside, I can say that I saw the error of my ways sooner than I usually do so I'll take that accomplishment.

The unfortunate part is that I didn't learn a lot about the deck. Lifebane Zombie seems meh, except for the intimidate part. One run through just isn't enough for me to say for sure, though. Fuz took a look at it and suggested Undead Alchemist which is one of those 'that's crazy but it just might work' ideas. There isn't a lot of support for what the Alchemist does coming from the rest of the deck, but it's weird and the price point doesn't break the bank.

It's just too soon to say what would be best.

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